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LT Foods is a Global Consumer Food Company which deals in Basmati and Other Specialty Rice, Organic Food and Ingredient business and Health and Convenience segments that strive to deliver the finest quality food products to its consumers across 60+ countries. Riding on its robust Farm to Fork business model, today the Company has expanded its offerings to serve millions of consumers.

From being a renowned Basmati Rice Company to expanding our foray in health and convenience food, we continuously map evolving consumer needs and preferences. This is helping us in developing our portfolio, be it targeted brands or formats, which in turn is increasing our reach and penetration.

Many of our innovations are setting new category first benchmarks in the packaged foods industry.

Strengthening our dominance in India and International markets, we are consistently delivering finest food products, that have a global reach. Resting on the success of superior quality products and the timeless appeal of our brands, we remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver the finest experiences – carefully designed for cherished moments.

Our growing consciousness to enable Value Creation beyond profitability motivates us to propagate a sustainable business model. Constantly tracking our ecological contributions, we seek to maintain an enduring relationship with our natural environment. We are, therefore, constantly redefining our approach, successfully adopting modern practices and delivering value from Farm to Fork - to nurture goodness and make an indelible mark.