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Armed with strong brand equity, global supply chain, wide distribution network and integrated business model, we continue to deliver performances that showcase our commitment to Create Value for our Stakeholders.


Revenue From Operations

4686 Crore

(₹ in crores)

9% 3 year CAGR

Revenue from operations increased at a CAGR of 9% during the past three fiscals (FY19-FY21) aided by strong growth across geographies. The Company reported a revenue growth of 12% aided by 9% growth in the Basmati and Specialty Rice segment, 51% growth in the Organic business and 45% growth in the Health and Convenience segment.


289 Crore

(₹ in crores)

45% 3 year CAGR

The Gross Profit and EBITDA margin expansion during the year was on account of change in product mix and lower input cost. The Company generated significant free cash flows amounting to ₹ 345 crore, driven by strong performance in FY21 that led to decline in overall debt by ₹ 205 crore. This further led to a reduction in the finance cost by 34% and the average fund cost was down by 242 bps from 7.54% to 5.12%. Overall, PAT increased by 45% to ₹ 289 crore.

PAT Margins

6.2 Crore

(in %)

Our margin expansion of 139 basis points to 6.2% is a result of our controlled mechanisms to monitor costs that were optimised. During the year, the team worked to keep the non-operating/finance costs strictly under control. It not only helped to deliver robust cash flow but, also enabled higher profitability.


Tangible – Gross Block

1080 Crore

(₹ in crores)

Asset Turnover Ratio

1.13 X

(in times)

Return on Net Worth

15.3 %

(in %)

Debt-equity ratio

0.7 X


Interest coverage ratio

5.6 X


Our efforts to deleverage our Balance sheet continue with a robust interest coverage ratio and a declining debt-equity ratio. We continue business expansion with a balanced mix of internal accruals and borrowings, with timely payment of debt obligations and keeping the Balance sheet healthy.

Return on Capital Employed

15.6 %

(in %)

Our operational capabilities and financial prudence in providing finest and premium quality consumer food products, reflects in our increasing return on capital. Together with our competitive advantages, a strong growth in ROCE is indicative of the sustainable performance of the Company, year on year.

Diversified business portfolio

Diversified market presence

Our balanced business portfolio, spread across countries with a global consumer base, allows us to sustain our growth momentum. A steady expansion into new businesses organically and inorganically, backed by strong brand equity, modern packaging and processing plants and a strong global distribution network that enabled us to deliver long-term profitability and sustainable growth.